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What are the features of Cinema Wall Carpet?


Flame retardant Cinema Wall Carpets are made from 100% permanent flame retardant and environmentally friendly fibers, and the product has a variety of colors. The thickness of the fleece series and the stripe series is 2mm-4mm. The thickness of the sound-absorbing board is 10mm-25mm. This series of products has five poisons, no irritating odor, and has good thermal insulation, sound absorption, flame retardant and other functions. Applicable occasions of Cinema Wall Carpet: theaters, conference rooms and other halls, corridors, wall skirts, etc.

Flame retardant Cinema Wall Carpets are made by needle punching and other processes to make different fibers interweave and entangle each other to standardize the fabric, so that the fabric is soft, plump, thick, and stiff to achieve different thicknesses to meet the requirements of use. Trimmed, packaged in rolls. Common colors: black, gray, red, blue, yellow, pink, green, brown.

Features of Cinema wall carpet:
Qdboss wall carpet has no ball, no lint, good flatness, flame retardant effect.Sound absorption effect: The fiber-like appearance has good sound absorption. The carpet is mostly used on the wall below 1.2 meter, it is the good material to absorb low frequency notice. And it is not easy to get dirty at the lower position.

Further processing of the Cinema wall carpet:

The width of the carpet is 1.5m. It can be cut to different sizes such as 1200x1200, 1200x600, 600x600, 300x300, or in round, hexagon shape, or any irregular shapes. And make different shape or images on the wall, to make it not that doll, but more creative and lively. Besides the wall, it can also be used on the floors.

Cinema Wall Carpet

Cinema Wall Carpet

Cinema Wall Carpet

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