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What are the characteristics of Polyester Acoustic Panel? How is the sound absorption effect?


1. Polyester Acoustic Panel sound insulation and sound insulation

There are many small holes on the surface of polyester fiber sound -absorbing board to absorb noise sound waves. The sound absorption coefficient and sound of polyester fiber sound -absorbing board are related. The higher the frequency, the higher the sound absorption coefficient, and the noise of the broadband band has a strong sound absorption effect. Therefore, the polyester fiber sound -absorbing board in noise governance is an efficient sound -absorbing board that can be widely used in various occasions with higher sound requirements such as cinemas, conference rooms, and concert halls.

2. Stable physical characteristics

The polyester fiber itself has the effect of heat insulation and insulation. After processing is processed into a polyester fiber sound -absorbing board, not only does the heat insulation and insulation, but also sound -absorbing noise and reducing noise and noise, not easy to cut and corrosion, and impact. Because the physical properties of polyester fiber sound -absorbing boards are very stable, it is an ideal sound insulation noise reduction and environmentally friendly material in indoor noise treatment decoration.

3. Simple installation operation

One of the biggest features of polyester fiber sound -absorbing boards is that installation is very convenient to operate very simple. When applying the polyester fiber sound -absorbing board to the noise treatment decoration, it does not require other related materials for assistance, which can be directly attached to the wall.

4. Simple maintenance in the later stage

After installing and using it for a period of time, the surface of the polyester fiber sounds may have a certain amount of dust. Don't worry. These dusts are very convenient to deal with it, and you can wipe it directly.