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How to choose soundproofing panels


Choosing soundproofing panels is not an easy task for the vast majority of people. Because on the one hand, the vast majority of people do not have professional acoustic knowledge, and it is also possible to choose soundproofing panels for the first time, not knowing how to distinguish the performance of soundproofing panels, and not knowing what precautions should be taken during the selection process; On the other hand, during the process of purchasing soundproofing panels, it is difficult for you to use ordinary methods (such as visual observation, hand touch) and experience to judge and identify the soundproofing performance of soundproofing panels. The key is that the sound insulation board must be built into a wall before its sound insulation level can be felt or measured. If the sound insulation of the wall cannot achieve the expected effect after being built into a soundproof wall, it is almost impossible for you to remove the wall panel and return it to the manufacturer. In this case, either accept the current situation of unsatisfactory wall sound insulation or take remedial measures. Therefore, in order to avoid wasting your money, time, and energy, it is necessary for you to have a proper grasp of the basic knowledge of purchasing sound insulation panels.

Generally speaking, when purchasing soundproofing panels, the following precautions should be taken:

1. The sound insulation target of the wall. Whether it is a new sound insulation wall or an old wall sound insulation reconstruction, a clear sound insulation requirement is required, that is, how many decibels of sound insulation the wall needs to achieve, and then select an economical and appropriate sound insulation board and develop a sound insulation scheme for the wall according to the sound insulation goal of the wall.

2. Is there a testing report on the performance of the soundproofing board. In theory, any material has sound insulation performance, even a thin piece of printing paper can provide sound insulation. Therefore, many materials in the market that were originally very ordinary are called sound insulation boards by manufacturers, including gypsum boards, magnesium boards, calcium silicate boards, wooden boards, etc., which makes consumers easily deceived. One of the important principles for selecting soundproof panels is whether there is an authoritative testing report for this type of soundproof panel. At present, the authoritative wall sound insulation test report units in China include the Institute of architectural acoustics of Tsinghua University and Tongji University. Many manufacturers in the market are promoting themselves how good is the performance of our soundproof panels, but we cannot provide authoritative testing reports to confirm it.

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