Flame retardant solution-QDBOSS polyester fiber acoustic panel


1. The flame retardant grade of polyester fiber acoustic panel is the national standard B1. The QDBOSS polyester fiber acoustic panel has passed the American ASTM flame retardant standard and CE certification, and is exported to the Home depot company in the United States.

2. Polyester fiber acoustic panel, the raw material of which is high quality polyester fiber, has the characteristics of environmental protection, fire prevention, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, easy dust removal, easy cutting, parquet, easy construction, and excellent cost performance.

3. In-room textiles (wallpaper and sofa fabrics are counted) on occasions like hotels and KTVs need to have flame retardant functions, otherwise they may not be given to you during fire inspections.

4. Polyester itself is flammable, but after processing, it can become a flame retardant product. Note that making it flame retardant, not fire retardant! The two concepts are very different.